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spark view server side code on .spark view

Dec 1, 2010 at 10:46 AM

Hi guys,

I have a mvc project which uses spark view engine.

The problem is i do not have the models and the controllers, therefore i do not have the full access to be able to do what ever i need to. All the models and controllers have been put into a .dll file (yes i tried using .net reflector but it throws me 5000 errors when i decompile the dll).

Having this issuse I decided to take the non-recommended route to continue with my work.

What I am trying to do now is, i want to write some server-side code on one of the .spark views. i have no idea where is goes. I know how to write javascript code and then call the function from a onClick event of a button but how do i do that same with server-side code? reason being is, I need to get some information from the server and since i do not have the controllers and models for each view, I have no other choice but to write some server-side code on the .spark view.

I want to write some methods using server side code and then call it on the onClick event of a input type=button.

Can someone help me on where and how I need to put the server-side code?

for e.g to write some javascript, i do <script> //some functions </script>.. i want to do the same for some C# or code, how do i do that?

Thanks peeps

Kind Regards

Baldip Bhatia