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Spark v1.0.39917 RC2

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Released: May 7, 2009
Updated: May 7, 2009 by loudej
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Release Notes

  • Adding a StatementMarker configuration parameter
The default character '#' can cause some conflicts when stylesheets are present in
views. It can be changed in config section with <spark><pages statementMarker="x"/></spark>.
This enables a project to use an alternate value which doesn't collide with text found
at the start of lines. The marker may be several characters.

For example a hash and space could require a leading space after the # to
disambiguate a line of code from a line that starts with a css selector.
  • Added support for specifying the pageBaseType on the view.
By adding
1) <use pageBaseType="MyView" />
2) <use pageBaseType="MyView[[TModel]]" />
3) <use pageBaseType="MyView[[TModel, long]]" />
the generated view class will derive from the specified class.

If using <viewdata model="TModel"/> in the view, then only the first definition
of pageBaseType is valid. The following two definitions of the pageBaseType assumes
that model is not defined.
  • IDescriptorBuilder adds extra parameters from controller context
This enables a custom descriptor builder to adjust the potential location paths of
spark files. For example, applications may provide theme or language paths.
  • Multiple performance enhancements
Detection of file modification significantly reworked. Enhancements to parser
efficiency for first-time view compilation. Implementing MVC useCache flag.
  • Javascript mid-processor updates syntax of anonymous types
This makes it possible to emulate some server-side html helpers that accept
anonymous objects parameters. The code "new{x=4,y=2}" becomes "{x:4,y:2}"
  • Adding preliminary iText pdf support
Provides an additional Spark.Web.Mvc.Pdf assembly containing
a PdfViewResult ActionResult
  • Creating a more rational methodology for locating partial files
The _partial.spark files will now be located in any parent folder, or Shared subfolder
off of a parent folder.

This change is primarily to enable Views/AreaName/Shared/_file.spark to be located.

This is a superset of the previous current directory and root shared directory, so it
is backward compatible in that sense.
  • Adding the NorthwindDemo from to Spark Samples.sln
It's a better example of the correct usage of model state in html forms. The previous
example stopped working properly around Preview 5.
  • Adding Xpark project to core Spark.sln
Moving this out of the Samples.sln enables Xpark.exe to be part of the binary release zip.
  • Enhancing support for SiteResource
Implements rule chaining. Also provides an interface for adding resource matching rules.

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